DS-Software-Lösungen collects, processes and uses personal user data without further consent by the user only as far as such data is necessary to place and carry out the contract and for invoicing purposes. We will not transmit any data to third parties without your express consent. In case data is transmitted to service providers for data processing purposes by third parties (i.e. domain order), these service providers will be bound by contract to the Federal Data Protection Law (German BDSG) and other legal provisions.

Privacy Information

User data is stored on specially protected servers in Germany. Data access is restricted to persons who are in charge of technical or commercial server support services (severe access logs and controls).

Personal data and user privilege modifications within a leased version of „James –der Bibliotheks-Butler“are transmitted via secure SSL connections. Therefore, data access and data manipulation is nearly excluded.

General Procedures

During your visit on the DS-Software-Lösungen websites, the following information is collected: Our webservers store information as to what browser and operating system you are using, the name of your internet service provider, your computer's IP address as well as the date and time of your visit on the website. At any time this data can be related to a specific person. This information cannot be associated with your personal data.

We do not use any other techniques of data collection, such as cookies.

This does not apply to attempts to bypass security measures within „James –der Bibliotheks-Butler“. In such a case information will be collected enabling us to identify the computer hacker.

The same is true for hack attempts into customer-leased software versions. Our customers are protected twice: We lock such user accounts and transmit the related user data to the competent legal authorities.

Data Security

DS-Software-Lösungen uses technical and organisational security measures in order to protect your data managed by us against incidental or intentional manipulation, loss, destruction or unauthorized access. These security measures are constantly optimized in accordance with technical progress.

DS-Software-Lösungen must disclaim any liability for the data transmission process via the internet.

Right of Access to Personal Data

At your request, DS-Software-Lösungen will be glad to send you a written information regarding if and what personal data is stored by us.